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Steinar pictureMy name is Steinar Whitmore, will you join me, in my out of the box adventure.  Nothing in my life has ever been normal so don’t expect to get all of the answers about me or this business that is growing from within. Cooking has been a part of my life since I can remember, I loved being a part of the kitchen, chopping anything my mom gave me  with a real knife around the age of three. People thought that was kind of strange at such a young age, but it kept me busy and out of trouble, which my active and determined mind needed. Experimenting, learning and researching new and better ways to create with my hands, is my passion.

Food isn’t my only love, I guess you’d say I am a visionary person with a big picture mind. Sharing these ideas and seeing them come to fruition and catch fire, helps this dream grow and spread to others. Creating characters out of my head and into costumes is the other part of my passion. To see the idea, come alive,  out of my hands into something that I not only wear but also get to be in character for, is not only another way I am creative but also a way to help others build their character ideals.

Combining my love of cooking and creating costumes, comes the aspect of this business of mine, the themed dinner events! I also have a desire to cater to the Con/prop world! Whether that be to film crews, Con events, or others creative dream events, I deeply desire to contribute to all these! With this, Whit’s End Productions will encompass regular catering events as well as the creative, more elaborate ones as well!

With all this said, I seem to always be  working on several projects at the same time! To give you a little glimpse into my life, currently, my friends and I are filming a movie that will be released on Youtube in September! Keep an eye out!

If you haven’t noticed yet, the artwork to the left, that is Whit’s End Productions very own custom logo! Artist Beth Morrell,has sketched my logo. Check her work out at: http://www.bethmorrell.com/ . She did such a great job capturing my vision. The tree side of the logo represents the catering side of the business, as you turn the tree you see the roots grasping onto a rock becoming a skull woven around the roots, representing the Con/props side of the business.

Besides my early exposure to food preparation at the age of three, I thought I would give you a little more of my credentials when it comes to handling food!

I started taking cooking classes in middle school, then high school. Renton Technical College was another four year process learning all the technical and practical ways to become a professional cook. While attending college, I worked as a cook at Joey’s Restaurant learning the skill of plating elegant dishes, sushi and many popular foods. After completing college I worked in the Catering department at Renton Technical College where I became a lead and traveled to events along with cooking for one thousand people who would attend the Mother’s Day Brunch, and Thanksgiving Feast. Later, I went to work as a cook for Copperleaf Restaurant in Cedarbrook Lodge where I learned a lot about high end cooking and teamwork from some of the best chefs around.

Hospitality and hosting weddings, dinners, parties and events with over 350 people at times have been a natural part of my family life since before I was born. My dad, brothers and sister are all woodworkers,I like working with tools, but mostly cooking tools, even though most of my dad’s tools come in handy for making costumes! Being the youngest in the family, I loved cooking and keeping everyone fed. We make a great team.

I guess that’s why my favorite type of food is “Comfort Food” where we can linger around the table sharing stories building community and taking time together. The senses come alive with the smells and taste of food bringing memories of comfort and family. I hope to bring this to others when I cater for you, celebrating life.

Thank you for your support as I dive into this dream and adventure!

Steinar Whitmore

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