The wait is over! 

Our 2nd Annual Hobbit Festival is fast approaching! 

Follow this event to be one of the first to know when tickets go on sale! 

A little background: 

This has been a dream of Steinar’s for a few years and over the last year he has finally been able to put on these wonderful events and his vision! 

  We have been so thankful for the love and support of these events!

Here are a few details about this event so you know a general idea what to expect!

This event is based on Bilbo’s birthday party.  There will be a costume competition with prizes for the best costume, so start planning what you will be wearing to the party! This is going to be a more intimate event with very limited tickets! So stay alert! Last year we sold over very quickly! 

Think Harvest and plentiful, beauty and fun.  There will be three different games to play in competitive fun,  Archery , Lake Town Golf, and Horseshoes. Second breakfast will be served right after you go through registration. The Green Dragon will be serving beer and wine, a tobacco bar by the fire will be available so bring your own pipe. Food will be served on trays throughout the day with charcuterie board stations around the area. Live music and dancing! 

This year we will have two dinner times this year with the best food around! 

And of course be ready to celebrate Bilbo and dance the night away! 

I hope this gives you a better glimpse into what this fun event will entail. 

This is our 2nd, so you know we are perfecting from the first! You won’t want to miss this and if you came last year you for sure will want to come to be impressed further with the additions! 

Participants from last year! Keep your eyes out for an exclusive email for pre-sale tickets! 

Thank you

-Whit’send Productions

Your ticket will include most everything!!! 

Also remember this is a 21+ event! We will be checking I.D.’s!

Remember if you have questions feel free to email us @

Thank you for all of the interest in the Hobbit Harvest Festival!

Welcome to our Site!

This company  has been a dream of mine for years!  As we grow not only the business but also this website, I will start by sharing what the vision is.

There will be three bigger themed events a year, keep your eyes peeled for the future events under the tab – Upcoming events. There will also be the opportunity for our company to be hired for  smaller catering parties, dinners held at different locations or for your own event/dinner.

For the time being as we develop much of this business, feel free to contact us @, or you can go to the FAQ tab and see if any of your questions can be answered there! Most all those under the FAQ are pertaining to our first event in October, The Hobbit Harvest Festival!



Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Whit’s End Winds of Dinner
March 9, 2019
Tickets will be $175 everything included

This will be an 18+ event!

Welcome to another adventure, letting your imagination roam free into the life of Kings 16th century style.

The House of Baratheon is hosting a dinner party, we invite you to attend in your best attire representing the House of your choice.

This vision has been brewing for a couple years and we are excited to share this experience with you.

We have acquired a special space at the Old Rainier Building in Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle. This place has the feel of old world charm that will launch you into an enchanted night.

We are creating an atmosphere of candlelight, royal House colors, long dinner tables, a game room ( hence the name Game of Thrones ) a custom Throne ( hand built by Amaleah and Jeremy Graham who also built the Green door at the Harvest Festival in October). The Throne will be available to sit on for individual pictures, or groups. Actors will be around to have your picture taken with them and the Throne, or throughout the evening. We will be announcing each of the actors throughout the month of January, so keep an eye out. These will also be the judges for the costumes with three grand prizes!

Appetizers and cocktails will greet you as you enter the Baratheon House and mingle amongst your favorite characters. Our amazing DJ’s are planning their playlist just for you. The Throne will be available for pictures as well as the game room until dinner is served. Our team of cooks are creating a full course dinner that will be served family style at your favorite House ( there will be six colors representing each House at the table to choose from). Wine and beer will be included with your ticket. We will have non alcoholic drinks available also.

Dancing will begin after dinner with a dessert bar to pick and choose from while you dance. The game room will be open throughout the night if dancing isn’t your fancy.

We could go on but we hope this gives you a glimpse into the magical evening and gets you excited anticipating this final season of Game of Thrones.

-Whit’s End Productions