Welcome to my world of prop making and custom designed costumes. I have started each one of these characters with an idea in my head then turning them into a reality as they take on a life of their own. Through the years my abilities have grown along with my imagination and skill level, making each piece a bit better. This has taught me how to work with my hands through experience. I am excited about this half of my business with incorporating food preparations and prop making skills. Both are hands on creative talents that grow and expand with time. This is somewhat of a time travel showcase.

I have received some custom orders that I am excited to work on and am looking forward to creating and completing them. Also, I am working on opening up an ETSY account for some of my pre made pieces to sell. There will be a limited number on these types of items.


Enjoy looking through my pieces!


This was my first costume and one of my favorites from the Marvel Comics.

Udon Taskmaster

Alternate of Taskmaster


Iron Comedian



Lord of the Rings


Loved by Seahawks and Guardians of the Galaxy fans



Last of Us


From Logan. Wolverine Chronicles.

Robert Baratheon 

Game Of Thrones